San Luis Obispo Tribune
Letter To The Editor
Town Hall Interruptions Were Rude
PUBLISHED April 9, 2018

Dear Editor:

While attending my first Town Hall meeting in Santa Margarita, with Sheriff Ian Parkinson, District Attorney Dan Dow and Supervisor Debbie Arnold in attendance to give updates on community issue, I realized how many ignorant and rude people live in SLO County.

As Sheriff Parkinson was speaking and giving us all an opportunity to ask questions, there were people with an agenda interrupting and being extremely rude.

As human beings, we are all upset about Mr. Holland’s death. No one set out to end his life.

It bothers me so much as I have someone in my family with mental illness. As a family, we cannot handle his issues and we certainly don’t expect the Sherriff’s Office to handle them. If Andrew’s family couldn’t keep him medicated and safe, how in the world do you expect the Sherriff’s Office to do it?

Mental Health did not help when there was a bed available, and this was a serious case. How can we sit in judgment when everyone doesn’t have all the facts?

Please don’t try to ruin the lives of our sheriff and deputies just to prove a point that our Mental Health services need to be more involved.

Dawn Merzon, Paso Robles