San Luis Obispo Tribune
Letter To The Editor
Tell the Whole Story

Dear Editor:

Why doesn't the Tribune tell the people the truth about the Holland death?

Your huge front-page story last Saturday told only half of the incident. That deceives the public.

The weekend of Holland's death the Sheriff's Office tried to have Mr. Holland taken to the County Mental Health facility. They refused to take him, even though they had beds available. That was left out of your story.

The Sheriff's Office tried to get authority from County Mental Health to involuntarily sedate Mr. Holland so he could be taken out of the chair. They refused to give that authority. That was left out of your story.

The huge settlement by the County came out of the Medical Malpractice Insurance of Mental Health. That was left out of your story.

This type of incident will not happen again because the County has finally approved a Chief Medical Officer at the County Jail who has the power to involuntarily sedate violent inmates. That was left out of your story.

It is obvious that the sole intent of the Tribune is to attack law enforcement.

Melvin de la Motte, San Luis Obispo