San Luis Obispo Tribune
Letter To The Editor
Former SLO police chief: Sheriff Parkinson is Caring and Committed
PUBLISHED May 17, 2018

Dear Editor:

During my 14+ years as SLO police chief (1987-2002), I had the opportunity to work with both Sheriff Ian Parkinson and then Officer Greg Clayton. Clayton was a competent officer who worked a number of assignments until an on-duty injury rendered him unable to serve and he medically retired in 1993. Parkinson demonstrated outstanding initiative, managerial abilities and interpersonal skills in every assignment and at every level in the department.

Parkinson has a demonstrated track record as an innovator and problem solver. Like every other sheriff in the state, Parkinson has been burdened with providing care and custody for those with mental health issues since they have been abandoned by the state. Long before and since the tragic death that has given rise to Clayton’s campaign, Parkinson has worked effectively to improve conditions in the jail for all those in custody, including those with mental health problems. He’s done this while showing genuine care and personal commitment through helping many other service organizations.

Parkinson is a caring leader who is effectively running a large, complicated organization. Clayton has never held a supervisory position and has only managed his personal business. Please join me in voting for Sheriff Parkinson.

James Gardiner, San Luis Obispo